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  • Copies of previous 2 years returns, Federal and State
  • Social Security Number 



  • Income


          W-2G Gambling Income

          Bank Interest


          Stock Sales

          Brokerage Account Statements



         1099-SSA (Social Security)

         1099-G (Prior Year State Refund and Unemployment Compensation)


          Alimony Received

  • Misc Expenses

         Teacher/Educator Expenses 

         Business Expenses (not reimbursed, not inclusive and upon review)

  • Self Employment

          Home Office, etc 

  • Home/Mortgage

          Real Estate Taxes

          Mortgage Interest

          1098 - Mortgage Insurance Premiums

          Buy/Sell/Refinance (including settlement sheets)

          1099 A/1099 C - Foreclosures, Short Sales, Bankruptcy

          Energy Credit 2010 Only - Certificate Required

          Moving Expense (over 50 miles and for business)

  • Education

         1098 T - Tuition

         Student Loan Interest

  • Childcare

          Social Security Number or Federal ID# amount paid per child or Provider Name               and Address

  • Medical/Health

          Medical Expenses  (not inclusive and upon review)



          Self Employed Insurance Contributions

  • Vehicle

         Ownership Tax from car registration

  • Donations to Charity

         Receipts for both cash and check

  • Retirement

          IRA Contributions

          SEP Contributions






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